Company Policies

Social Accountability Policy

Crown Associates International Ltd is a small UK based consultancy company operating through independent associates throughout the European Union and Asia.  Responsibility for managing and maintaining this policy lies with the company directors with the overall implementation carried out by all company associates in the course of their work.

We are a socially responsible company with clearly defined business ethics. It is a policy of the company that all associates adhere to all national laws, hold an absolute regard for human rights, and carry out their work to ethically defendable business standards including:-

o Being fully aware of all Health & Safety legislation and ensuring that regulatory requirements are met.

o Provide and ensure all associates have a safe working environment plus the equipment, knowledge and information necessary to safely carry out their assigned activities.

o Carry out periodic Health & Safety risk assessments on all areas of company activity identifying and executing improvements as appropriate.

o Assure complete confidentiality to customers for all business information known on them or third parties.

o Ensuring all company debts are paid according to the agreed timescale.

o All associates will act in an honest and trustworthy manner in all business activity in both spoken and written forms

o Abide by and be respectful of all local customs and traditions in the countries of the company activity.

o Encourage all customers and third parties to adopt similar ethical principles in particular compliance to national regulatory standards.

                              A China-Britain Business Council member